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Making Everyday Items Exceptional

At Better Inventions, we love to make every-day life easy. Easier than it was yesterday. More pleasant. Smoother. More long-lasting. Just Better.


That's why we take small, every-day items and components, and imagine them better.

But we do so much more than imagine.

We build it better, then we bring it to you.

So, how can we help today?

It starts with something small 

Better Inventions
Wrist Magnet Holder

New!  Our wrist magnet holder is so useful for so many applications.  Hold screws, pins, any metal bits and pieces you frequently work with. Sturdy and super-strong. No more dropping and bending to retrieve lost items.  Are you in the habit of placing these small metal items in your mouth? Stop it! It presents a choking risk and also can be expensive if you chip your veneers! 

Better Investions Wrist Magnet Holder
Stop bead jig image.JPG

Stop Bead Guide

The Stop Bead Jig has been specifically designed to set back your stop bead on the door jamb for hinged doors to allow your door face to be flush with the outside of the door jamb itself, without guessing or measuring how far to nail or screw your stop bead on.

Better Inventions
Phoenix Access Window

The Phoenix Access Window has been specifically designed to allow access for opening a window such as a casement or other push open type window where the flyscreen is mounted on the inside of the frame otherwise restricting access to the window itself.

Phoenix access window large.jpg

Better Fly Screen Clip

The Better Flyscreen Clip has been specifically designed to hold the flyscreen onto the face of the aluminium window for easy installation and simplicity of installing the flyscreen in a matter of seconds.

Better Inventions
Stopper Bracket

The stopper bracket has been specifically designed to make your doors meet in the middle, stopping the doors sliding off centre and preventing them sliding past the centre point. This removes the need for unsightly screws hanging out that could snap off and damage the door.  Now you can install the doors professionally using the stopper bracket.

stopper bracket 3.jpg
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